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We are currently registering for BeastMode Track & Field…

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Registration FAQ

BeastMode Track & Field

    • How much does Registration cost for BeastMode Track & Field?
    • Registration for “BeastMode Track & Field” is $275.
    • Can I set-up a payment plan?
    • Yes, payment plans are available upon request.  For more information speak with a BeastMode representative.  In the meantime, please fill out the online registration form.
    • What does my Registration Fee cover?
    • Athletes registration fees cover equipment, track usage, general liability insurance, in-season training, and facilities.
    • Do I get to keep my uniforms?
    • Yes.  Your uniform will be new and will belong to you.
    • Are there any other fees?
    • Yes.  Your athlete will need membership with the “American Athletic Union of the United States” (AAU) to be eligible to compete in AAU sanctioned track meets.  AAU membership is $16 for one year.  Your athlete will also need a membership with USA Track & Field (USATF) to be eligible to compete in USATF sanctioned events. USATF membership is $20 for one year. Our track club will keep you informed on when these fees are due.
    • How long does the season last?
    • Generally, most teams begin training in January.  Competitions usually begin around late March and continue through June.  Athletes that qualify for the Junior Olympics continue through the end of July.
    • What is the Refund Policy?
    • BeastMode holds to a No Refund Policy just as most other Track & Field teams